CCSSA CONGRESS SUNCITY 2017     |    19 -22 October 2017

International Faculty

Mervyn Singer (UK)
Jukka Takala (Switzerland)
Zsolt Molnar (Hungary)
Jason Roberts (Australia)
Kathryn Maitland (UK)
Can Ince (Netherlands)
Janos Fazakas (Hungary)
Ruth Kleinpell (USA)
Mette Berger (Switzerland)
Rémy Meier (Switzerland)
Mirko Belliato (Italy)
Tilmann Schwab (Germany)
Gavin Joynt (Hong Kong)

Mervyn Singer

Jukka Takala

Zsolt Molnar
Mervyn Singer
United Kingdom
Mervyn Singer is Professor of Intensive Care Medicine at University College London. His primary research interests are sepsis and multi-organ failure, infection, shock and haemodynamic monitoring, with funding for these activities primarily granted from the Wellcome Trust, Medical Research Council and National Institute for Health Research. He developed an oesophageal Doppler haemodynamic monitor that is in widespread use worldwide, the use of which has been shown in multiple studies to improve outcomes after major surgery and reduce length of stay. Professor Singer has led a number of important multi-centre trials in critical care. He has authored various papers and textbooks including the Oxford Handbook of Critical Care, now in its 3rd Edition and is a Council member of the International Sepsis Forum. The first UK intensivist to be awarded Senior Investigator status by the National Institute for Health Research, he has been invited to give plenary lectures at the European and US Intensive Care Congresses.
Jukka Takala

Professor Jukka Takala is Director and Chief Physician of the Department of Intensive Care Medicine at the Bern University Hospital, and the University of Bern in Bern, Switzerland. He is also the Administrative Chairman of the Business Area Intensive Care, Emergency Medicine and Anaesthesiology. He came to Bern in 1999 from Kuopio University Hospital, Kuopio, Finland, where he was the Professor and Chairman of Department of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine, and Head of the business area of surgical specialties.

Professor Takala was the President of the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine in 2000 – 2002, and the Editor of the Critical Care & Trauma section of Anesthesia & Analgesia from March 2001 to 2010, He has authored (as in March 2017) 282 original articles in international scientific publications; 241 abstracts in proceedings of international scientific meetings; 156 review articles, editorials, commentaries, books and book chapters; 29 letters to the Editor and correspondence; 23 other publications. His major area of research interest is the pathophysiology of multiorgan dysfunction.
His specific research teams include interrelations between splanchnic tissue perfusion and metabolism (regional, cellular and subcellular). His main clinical research focuses on cardiovascular and respiratory management, and sedation. He also performs research on costs and quality, resource use, and the organisation of intensive care.
Zsolt Molnar

Zsolt Molnar has been the Head of Department, Department of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Therapy, University of Szeged, Hungary, since 2009. Professor Molnar has published extensively in the area of critical care medicine. His main research interests are sepsis related haemodynamic changes, fluid therapy, markers of inflammation and oxygen debt and perioperative intensive care. A regular invited speaker to international, regional and national conferences, he has presented almost 100 lectures over the last 5 years. His participation in an extensive international network has resulted in several collaborative works and publications. Membership includes the European Society of Anaesthesiology (ESA), where he also serves as a member of the intensive care subcommittee and the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine. Professor Molnar is a member of the editorial boards of several international journals and has been reviewing for most leading journals in intensive care medicine and anesthesiology for several years. He has published extensively in critical care journals.

Jason Roberts

Kathryn Maitland

Can Ince

Jason Roberts

Jason Roberts is a consultant clinical pharmacist with a strong interest in addressing the dis-concordant poor outcomes of infected critically ill patients. He has a strong interest in clinical and research mentoring and enjoys exploring opportunities to better treat infections in challenging patient groups, like the critically ill.

Professor Roberts currently holds a Research Fellowship from the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council and works clinically in the intensive care unit at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital. Director of the Centre for Translational Anti-infective Pharmacodynamics, as well as the REDUCE Centre for Research Excellence, The University of Queensland, he is also Professor of Pharmacy and Chairman of the Research Strategies Committee, School of Pharmacy, The University of Queensland and Honorary Professor, Institute of Translational Medicine, University of Liverpool, Liverpool, UK.

He has served on various committees globally providing guidelines for evidence based use of antibiotics in critically ill and non-critically ill patient populations. Professor Roberts has published more than 290 journal articles and received over AUD$24 million in research grant funding. He currently supervises 17 research higher degree students.
Professor Kathryn Maitland FMedSc

Professor of Paediatric Tropical Infectious Diseases at the Faculty of Medicine and Director of the ICCARE Centre at the Global Centre of Health Innovation, Imperial College, London and an Honorary Fellow at MRC Clinical Trials Unit, University College, London. Over the last 15 years she has been based full-time at the East Africa, where she leads a research group whose major research portfolio includes severe malaria, bacterial sepsis and severe malnutrition in children and clinical trials in emergency care. Her team conducted the largest trial in critically children ever undertaken in Africa (FEAST trial) examining fluid resuscitation strategies in children with severe febrile illness, showing that fluid boluses increased mortality compared to no-bolus (control) (Maitland et al, NEJM 2011). Her team is currently running two other large clinical trials investigating transfusion and other treatment strategies in 3950 African children with severe life-threatening anaemia (TRACT; Mpoya et al Trials 2016) and the optimum oxygen saturation threshold for which oxygen should be targeted and how best to administer oxygen in 4800 children (COAST: Children Oxygenation Administration Strategies Trial).
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Janos Fazakas

Ruth Kleinpell

Mette Berger

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Ruth M. Kleinpell PhD RN FAAN FCCM

Ruth Kleinpell is currently the Director of the Center for Clinical Research and Scholarship at Rush University Medical Center and a Professor at Rush University College of Nursing in Chicago Illinois. She is certified as an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner and maintains active practice. She is an experienced researcher, clinician and educator in the areas of acute and subacute care and advanced practice nursing roles. She presents and publishes widely and is a member of the editorial boards of the American Journal of Critical Care, Critical Care Medicine, and Journal of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioner. She is a Council Board member of the Society of Critical Care Medicine, a Board member of Critical Care Medicine Subspecialty, American Board of Internal Medicine; the Institute of Medicine of Chicago; and the Collegiate Commission on Nursing Education.
She is a Fellow of the American College of Critical Care Medicine, the Institute of Medicine of Chicago, the American Academy of Nursing, and the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners. Recently completing serving a second 2-year term as President of the World Federation of Critical Care Nurses, an international organisation with over 40 country members representing over 500,000 critical care nurses worldwide. She is currently the 2017 President of the Society of Critical Care Medicine, the 3rd nurse to serve as president in the 46 year history of the international multi professional organisation.
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Rémy Meier

Mirko Belliato

Tilmann Schwab

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Mirko Belliato – Italy

Mirko Belliato is Senior Consultant and Medical Coordinator of the 1st ICU of Foundation IRCCS Policlinico San Matteo of Pavia, Italy and Professor at the Anesthesia and Intensive Care Postgraduate School and Cardiovascular Perfusion School of the University of Pavia, Italy.
He obtained his medical degree from University College Almo Collegio Borromeo at the University of Pavia, where he developed an interest in new technologies and their use in medicine.This interest was piqued during his studies of human physiology and his curiosity focused on the deeper understanding of vital life mechanisms.

After starting his fellowship at the Physiology Institute, Dr. Belliato focused his interests on artificial organs, in particular respiration and the treatment of lung failure. In addition to practicing medicine, he has continued his research work in this area over the past 14 years and has participated in clinical and laboratory research projects on intelligent ventilation for lung support and the development of extracorporeal lung and heart support. In 2008, Dr.Belliato became formally involved in the initiation of the ECMO project at the Foundation IRCCS Policlinico San Matteo. Since 2009, he has been part of the ECMO team in all types of support and in 2014, was conferred the “High Specialty” position as leader of the ECMO respiratory support team. Dr.Belliato leads the ICU multidisciplinary team for respiratory support at Foundation IRCCS Policlinico San Matteo, in addition to his involvement in the ELSO activity as centre coordinator. In 2016, he was appointed as leader of the EuroELSO workgroup for “Innovation on ECMO and ECLS” and is a member of the ELSO adult ECMO and the EuroELSO workgroup for neuromonitoring.
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Gavin Joynt
(Hong Kong)
Gavin Joynt
Hong Kong Gavin Joynt is currently Professor in the Department of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. He obtained his medical degree from the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa and further specialist qualifications in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care in South Africa, Australia and Edinburgh. His research interests include bio-ethics, education, infection control, antibiotic pharmacokinetics, intra-abdominal hypertension and monitoring. Professor Joynt has authored and co-authored over 140 peer-reviewed scientific publications, 25 book chapters and numerous teaching manuals. He is Honorary Professor, School for Medicine, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia and Honorary Life Member, Korean Society of Critical Care Medicine