CCSSA Congress 2017 Presentations

CCSSA Congress 2017 presentations will be posted shortly.

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Early Mobilisation Practices of Patients in Intensive Care Units in Zimbabwean Government HospitalsView document
Management of Diarrhea in Critical Ill Patients - Prof. em Rémy Meier MDView document
Effects of an Interven/on on Stress Levels of Nurses Prac/cing in Intensive Care Units: A Quasi-experimental Study -Marlise Haarde, Shelley Schmollgruber, Agnes Huiskamp & Steve Olorunju View document
Transfusion- Issues in Africa - Professor Kathryn MaitlandView document
Cytokine removal in MODS - Prof. Zsolt MolnárView document
Understanding circulatory failure in sepsisView document
Which electrolyte disturbances need to be carefully monitored and controlled in sick children - Andrew C ArgentView document
What happens after fluid bolus therapy in children with septic shock: The Bigger Picture - Prof Kathryn MaitlandView document
To give or not to give? Nutrition support in HIV+ & TB patients in ICU - Vanessa Kotze View document
Factors contributing to DIC - Isabel Coetzee (PhD)View document
Nutrition in ECMO - Elize Craucamp RD(SA)View document
Blood Pressure Targets In SepsisView document
Microbiome Implications In Critical Care - Sebolelo MojakiView document
Effect of an intervention on tracheal cuff pressure monitoring - Lucy Dolo, Tanya Heyns and Isabel CoetzeeView document
Lessons from the LUNG SAFE study - Jean-Daniel Chiche, MD PhDView document
Is there an Optimal Mode of Ventilation Following Paediatric Cardiac Surgery? - Dr Steve PondeView document
Do we need esophageal pressure monitoring? How to use it in clinical setting - Mirko Belliato, MDView document
The importance of micronutrients in the ICU - Pr. Me'e M BergerView document
Microcirculation and peripheral perfusion - Prof. Zsolt MolnárView document
High Flow Nasal Cannula Oxygen HFNC - Dr I S KallaView document
Mortality Risk Scores among South African PICUs - Dr. L J SolomonView document
Obesity Monitoring & Management - Dr Shastra BhooraView document
Muscle Strength and Endurance as Possible Predictors of Successful Extubation in Mechanically Ventilated Patients: A Pilot StudyView document
Euthanasia should be a legally available option in SA PRO - Eric HodgsonView document
When is it essential to use high frequency oscillation(HFOV) in critically ill children? - L. Rudo MathivhaView document
Nutritional management of the burns patient in the ICU - Pr. Mette M BergerView document
Ethical Considerations in Critical Care Nutrition - Elize Craucamp RD(SA)View document
Tuberculosis: What's new in diagnostics and management? - Colin MenezesView document


Sepsis and Love - Prof. Zsolt MolnárView document
Should we be personalising antibiotic dosing for critically ill patients? - Jason A RobertsView document
Precision Medicine in Sepsis - Jean-Daniel ChicheView document
HIV testing of the Incapacitated patient in the ICU - Eric HodgsonView document
Practical issues - dosing on extracorporeal circuits - Jason A RobertsView document
End of Life Care in the ICU - Marlize KuhnView document
Nutrition in the critically ill elderly (geriatric) patient - CHRISTINA NIEUWOUDT RDView document
E-CPR - Tilmann Schwab MDView document
Fluid resus in trauma... when to stop? - Dr Oliver SmithView document
Nutrition support in AKI - Annette PrinslooView document
Nutritional Management of Severe Acute Pancreatitis - Anna-Lena du ToitView document
Prognostication in ICU - Gavin M JoyntView document
Should al children in PICU get antibiotics? - Denise ParrisView document
Acute Mesenteric Ischemia - how to get it right - Norbert WelkovicsView document
Nutritional Therapy In Hepatic Failure - MADELEINE COETZEEView document
Anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory strategies in VAP - Lessons from adult Intensive Care - Charles FeldmanView document
The Microbiome and Probiotics in PICU - AC JeevarathnumView document
Blunt Thoracic Aortic Injury (BTAI) - Sooraj MotilallView document
Treatment of Clostridium Difficile Infec5on 2017 - Gunter SchleicherView document
SASPEN: Meet the Expert - Pr. Mette M BergerView document
Continuous vs intermittent dosing of beta-lactam antibiotics - Jason A RobertsView document
The Multiple Faces Of Rsv In South African Picus - Ameena GogaView document
Help! I can breath but it is hard to swallow: Post-extubation dysphagia and the implications for healthcare professionals - Christina Nieuwoudt RD(SA)View document
ECMO in Transport - Tilmann Schwab MDView document
Severe ARDS Prone Position, ECMO or HFO ? - Jean-Daniel ChicheView document
Liver-heart crosstalk, Another piece of the puzzle - János FazakasView document
Tailored Feeding Multiple Trauma - David ThomsonView document
Preventing and managing secondary brain injuries: A window of opportunity - Ilze van EedenView document
The initiation alphabet of Rehabilitation in Intensive Care Unit - Desiree CoxView document
Is the package insert correct? PK considerations - Jason A RobertsView document


Is there still a place for specific nutrients in the ICU ? - Pr. Mette M BergerView document
Ventilator Dyssynchrony - Recognition, implications, and management - Gavin M JoyntView document
Are we concerned about adrenal insufficiency in PICU? – should we be? - Andrew C ArgentView document
Antibiotic stewardship in PICU -doing more with less - Brenda MorrowView document
PICU- A Year In Review - L. Rudo MathivhaView document