Council Activities

President’s report 2016/2017

It is a pleasure for me to deliver my report on the activities of the Society for 2016/2017. This has indeed been an exciting and productive year. In the interests of time my report will focus on those issues that have been of most importance. The 2016 AGM left Council with two pressing issues – both supported by the members present at the AGM. These were the revision of our constitution and changes to the business and banking structure of the Society. I’m please to report that substantial progress has been made with both.

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Council Meeting 11 June 2016 Summary

It was the second sitting of the new CCSSA Council and the first for the new Secretariat.
A number of issues arose at the meeting which will need to be ratified at the AGM Meeting in August. These include:

  1. Registration of CCSSA as a NPO and the consequential requirement of a Board of Directors.
  2. Increase in membership fees. CCSSA have not had any change in the fee structure for many years. It has been proposed that the joining fee be R 500 and membership fee R 200 per annum. All fees will require VAT to be added since CCSSA is now a VAT vendor.
  3. Constitutional changes. These changes are in line with the evolution of the Society and planned change in registration status.

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