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Newsletter Fourth quarter, 2017
Refresher Course Special
The impressive programme for the CCSSA’s two-day Refresher Course, entitled, ‘A-Z of ICU’, tackled sev-eral important practical and controversial themes, many of which had not been addressed in similar forums before. We highlight a few of the many excellent presentations in this issue of the Newsletter.

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Invitation to the Press to attend the Critical Care of Southern Africa’s Annual Congress
To be held from 19-22 October, 2017 at Sun City, North West Province

The world’s finest minds in the field of critical care medicine will gather together at the Critical Care Society of Southern Africa’s Annual Congress in October to share and deliberate on the advances being made in the perpetually evolving world of ICU.

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Critical Care solutions for the private sector

In 2015 workshops were held where healthcare practitioners, funders and hospitals within the private sector, came together to discuss ways in which to enhance the practice and provision of critical care.

Key focus areas raised at these meetings emphasised the need for greater awareness around critical care and ICU – within the realm of patients and their families; the funding environment; nurses; hospitals; and HCPs.

Other key focus areas identified included, communications; funding; human resources; end of life; accreditation and data.

A follow-up workshop was held on Wednesday 8 March 2017, the aim of which was to elaborate on the issues raised during 2015 and to select from these issues one or two key areas of focus which, through collaborative effort, would create greater understanding of the practice of critical care in the interest of all role-players.

While all the above focus areas were discussed at the March meeting, participants agreed that tackling the aspect of ‘awareness’ in the context of all role-players (patients, families, funders, HCPs and hospitals) could have a significant, positive impact on the practice of critical care in a relatively short space of time.

It was agreed that the awareness campaign would target the key constituents mentioned above through appropriate communication channels and that the group would reconvene in six months to assess the progress.
Congratulations to Professor Brenda Morrow.

Congratulations to Professor Brenda Morrow who has recently been awarded an ad hominem promotion to full Professor in the Department of Paediatrics, University of Cape Town.

Congratulations to CCSSA Council and ExCo member
Congratulations to CCSSA Council and ExCo member, Professor Guy Richards, who has been invited by the World Critical Care Society to participate in a guideline discussing ICU and tropical diseases.

Professor Richards was invited to speak on Travel Associated Infections at the ECCMID (European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases) held in Vienna during April 2017.